Your Laboratory Shelving Should Not be an Experiment

Laboratories are where discoveries are made, new explorations begin and experiments are conducted. The need for a laboratory space that is conducive to these types of scientific process is necessary, that includes laboratory shelving. Determining and planning how to set up your laboratory will be essential in how efficient and effective your laboratory operates. That will be greatly influenced by the needs of your laboratory and the primary purpose it serves.

Shelving Options Serve Different Needs

From a high school laboratory designed to inspire and teach young minds to professional laboratories that step into groundbreaking territories, every laboratory has its own set of needs and priorities. Designing a lab around those needs and priorities will improve the experimental process, expedite the work and promote results. The type of laboratory shelving chosen should be dictated by these same principles and the shelving options available today can serve any need. These are a few examples:

  • Cabinets – Great for chemical storage and materials that demand to be locked away for safety.
  • Overhead Shelving – An excellent option for space limitations and good for keeping particular items safely out of reach.
  • Hybrid Options – Specially designed cabinets or shelving may be required or creating built-in storage for workbenches are a few examples of why a hybrid shelving option may be suitable.

Other Shelving Considerations

In addition to the purpose and function of your laboratory, other considerations need to be evaluated to determine the right shelving for your laboratory. What kind of chemicals are being used? Are there special storage concerns for those chemical or for scientific tools like measurement devices? Does your laboratory suffer from lack of workspace or ease of access? These are some of the questions that will help to decide the best shelving options for your laboratory.

No Need to Experiment with Shelving

A well designed and well thought shelving plan for your laboratory will save time, effort, money and headaches. The need to experiment with your shelving options should be minimal at best. Who wants to install, remove and reinstall shelving time and again to find the right setup? Allow your time in the lab to be used for experimenting on the tasks at hand, not on the best shelving options. That means taking time to think through your needs, the purpose of your lab, the type of work being done and the chemicals being used. Consider who will be using the laboratory, spacial limitations and the accessibility demands. Taking time to carefully plan and get the right laboratory shelving will be appreciated and prove beneficial for everyone.

Spend your time in the laboratory learning about and experimenting on the work at hand – not on your shelving.