5 benefits of Gastric sleeve Houston services

Gastric sleeve procedure popularly known as the sleeve gastrectomy is a common choice for individuals seeking to lose weight. Gastric sleeve Houston services facilitate an efficient weight loss with minimal complications


Sleeve gastrectomy involves taking out part of the stomach to decrease its size to around 200 to 100 Ml. During the process, the surgeon removes the left section of the abdomen, leaving a tube or sleeve in its place, thus the name sleeve or tube gastrectomy. Typically, the stomach is like a pouch which can take large volumes of food and fluid and expands during the process. The elastic nature of the food allows us to eat more than is required to maintain a healthy weight

Below are 5 benefits of sleeve gastrectomy

  • Minimally-Invasive Weight Loss Procedure

The surgery is performed laparoscopically hence its minimally invasive and can be carried out without large incisions. The process involves creating a thin vertical “sleeve” of the stomach and then dividing the rest of the stomach. The remaining part of the stomach is then removed, leaving a gastric sleeve behind. The sleeve is roughly the size of a banana.

  • Long-Lasting Weight Loss
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Unlike other weight loss program which does not offer lifetime solutions, or require arduous work in maintaining weight, the surgery ensures that you only have small portions of meals that will satisfy you long term.

The surgery provides you with an opportunity to have a sense of “fullness” and have total control over your hunger, which you might not have otherwise been able to do. Additionally, it allows you to go even longer between meals and reduces the constant cravings of food.

  • Faster weight loss

The sleeve gastrectomy is a pragmatic procedure that yields results. In the first one to two years the procedure may offer a more rapid weight loss solution. Additionally, most individuals can anticipate a 60 to 70% loss of their excess body weight over a period spanning 6 to 12 months.

  • Does not leave foreign objects

Unlike the bypass surgeries, patients of a sleeve gastrectomy spend less time operative and post-operative time in the hospital. Additionally, the process does not implant foreign objects as the band surgery does.

The main benefit of losing weight through the sleeve gastrectomy is that there’s less risk for you in respect to bypass surgery. If you’re a highly-motivated individual and achieves adequate weight loss through the procedure, you might not even require a bypass surgery.

  • Safer

Another benefit of a gastric sleeve procedure is that it’s widely considered by patients and the health community a much safer alternative to the gastric bypass surgery.  The safety concerns of the latter are due to the possible long-term side effects such as ulcers, blockage of the intestine, anemia and protein insufficiency.

Patients with specific medical conditions ruling out the possibility of a traditional weight loss procedure can a benefit immensely from the sleeve gastrectomy.

For efficient weight loss, go for the best Gastric sleeve Houston has to offer. This guarantees faster and safer results.