5 Fitness Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Fitness trends come and go with each passing year. Some of them are nothing more than a fad, while others leave a lasting mark. The latter are a driving force motivating people to exercise and to do it in new, exciting ways. Some of them reflect tech innovations and the others are rotted in the sense of community or newfangled fitness techniques. Fundamentals do not change and nothing can really replace the value of hard work. That being said, there are many specifics you can utilize in order to take your game to the whole new level. Here are trends that are definitely worth your while.

High intensity interval training (HIIT)

The hustle and bustle of daily life do not leave much time in the schedule for workout. Yet, abandoning the active lifestyle should not be an option. That is why more and more people opt for high intensity interval training. The routine lasts up to 30 minutes and involves short bursts of explosive activity, with slow-paced recovery periods in between.  It gives you impressive fat-frying results in a fraction of the time needed for gym visit. The only thing to be wary of is a higher risk of injury that looms over HIIT.

Wearable trackers

Wearable technology is making big waves in the world of fitness. Some of the most popular products are activity trackers that measure workout progress, as well as portable devices that monitor vital body functions, such as heart rate. They can be used to elevate your fitness efforts and help you stay directed towards your goals. The market is growing at a breakneck speed, so we can expect to see more wearable products and marvels hitting shelves across the globe.

Extreme sports

Many people are awakening to the great health and fitness benefits that extreme sports offer. These thrilling endeavors are not reserved only for adrenaline junkies alike. They target various muscle groups and in ways that regular workout cannot. Blogs like Extreme Sports Lab aim to make breathtaking disciplines more accessible to general public. Moreover, various scientific studies have identified improvements in terms of physical and mental health for those regularly doing extreme sports.

Functional fitness

This trend represents a shift in the outlook on fitness. Namely, advocates of the functional fitness swear by the use of strength training for the purposes of improving balance, coordination, endurance, power, and force. In a nutshell, this novelty concept is aimed at increasing your ability to tackle various day-to-day activities. Deadlift is a good example of a functional exercise as it recruits your whole body and mimics the act of lifting something, let us say a heavy box during moving.

Group training

Fitness classes are not a new thing, but their popularity is reaching dizzying heights as of lately. It seems that people do not want to break a sweat alone. They seek social connections and experience, which gives them an amazing push to step up their routine. Typical Groups include a minimum of five people and a fitness instructor and there is no shortage of activities that can be performed collectively: cycling, rowing, boxing, crossfit, bootcamp, yoga, etc.

Get down to business

There is no “right way” to workout, just activities that deliver results and those that do not. Keeping that in mind, you should throw some fun into the mix and make things more riveting. Aforementioned trends hold lasting power to reshape the way people perceive and engage in fitness activities. We expect them to continue influencing us beyond 2018. But, do not just jump on the bandwagon or fall for all those gimmicks: find something that suits your wants, needs, and lifestyle. It is time to get active and embrace another bustling, sweaty year.