5 Things to Know About Invisalign

If you are looking at your options for straightening your teeth provided by your orthodontist, Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces, as they are both clear and removable throughout the straightening process. This provides patients with a wide range of straightening treatment advantages not afforded them by braces. Here are a few things to know about the advantages of Invisalign, and how undergoing Invisalign treatment can be beneficial for you. Are you looking for annapolisinvisalign? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read on about how Invisalign may be the perfect choice for you!

  1. They Treat the Same Problems As Braces

Problems you can have with your teeth include overbites, underbites, crossbites, spaces in your teeth, and teeth crowding. While braces can treat these problems, Invisalign can also treat these same issues. Another treatment option patients consider are Veneers, however, Veneers only cover up dental imperfections as opposed to fixing them. Veneers need replacing around every five to ten years, potentially leading to expensive ongoing costs. When it comes to teeth straightening, Invisalign fixes the underlying orthodontic problems.

  1. Straightens Your Teeth Without All the Hassle

While both Invisalign and braces straighten your teeth, Invisalign does so without the drawbacks and hassle caused by braces. For example, certain kinds of foods (including pizza crust, popcorn, bagels, pretzels, nuts, apples, and corn on the cob) shouldn’t be consumed while wearing braces. Invisalign, on the other hand, can be removed before consuming foods, allowing you to eat whatever you wish while you are undergoing the teeth straightening process. Also, maintaining the health of your teeth becomes harder with braces, as they get in the way of being able to floss and brush properly. Inadequate tooth care can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay. Invisalign can be removed when it comes time to brush and floss your teeth.

  1. No One Will Know

Braces are an unsightly device in your mouth, immediately apparent to anyone who looks. Invisalign, however, is virtually invisible, as they are made of clear plastic, so every time you open your mouth, know one will know you’re having your teeth straightened.

  1. More Comfortable

Braces are made of sharp metal, and frequently poke and irritate your mouth and gums. Invisalign is more comfortable, as it is made of smooth plastic, meaning it’s less likely to cause any irritation or discomfort. In addition, the brackets on braces have the potential to break.

  1. More Free Time

Braces need frequent maintenance visits to your orthodontist, but with Invisalign you only need to visit every four to six weeks. This means less time getting to your orthodontist and less time spent in the office during checkups.