7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Many people often strive to lose weight immediately they check into a weight loss clinic Phoenix. There is no general solution to shedding weight. This is because weight loss and eating healthily have different meanings to each individual. Once you identify the following mistakes, avoid them as much as possible.

1. Not creating a realistic plan

Due to the fact that it’s impossible to lose all the weight within a couple of weeks, you need to have a solid plan. The best thing is to create long term goals instead of going with the flow or sticking to a short-term goal. It doesn’t stop there, be clear about how you intend to achieve them.

2. Setting aside cheat days

It’s common for people that are using a particular weight loss program to set aside an entire day to eat whatever they want. Truth be told, cheat days can be tricky as it’s possible to fall back into unhealthy eating patterns. There are several instances where many people ended up binge eating because they couldn’t control themselves anymore. Consider including the foods that you love eating into your diet in small quantities.

3. Depending on fluids

Water is the most important fluid that our body needs. Recipes of different smoothies and green juices for instant weight loss are gaining popularity on the internet. Thousands of people now use them to replace healthy meals. It goes without saying that they don’t contain all the nutrients needed by the body. More so, some of them are packed with sugar and calories which aren’t beneficial to our overall health.

4. Failing to track intake

Ensure that you keep tracking all your intake during the weight loss program. Certain smartphone apps can come in handy for carrying out this task. In addition, journaling daily and creating a food log will help to discover problem areas and encourage accountability.

5. Switching routines frequently

A great number of people usually change to another plan after using a specific approach for few days without visible results. Once they use the scale and realize that their weight remains the same, they will just assume that the plan isn’t working. Such people may ditch it altogether and eventually turn to food for comfort. It’s advisable to be patient for at least two weeks before changing plans.

6. Eliminating certain foods

Removing some groups of food such as protein or fats can lead to eating unbalanced meals that lack many nutrients. Protein is known to play a significant role in weight loss. Nevertheless, everything should be in moderation because too much of protein will be stored as fat in the body. Endeavor to always consume well balanced meals that contain carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, fiber and fats.  

7. Skipping meals

Contrary to popular belief, eating less food doesn’t guarantee the success of any weight loss program. Busy individuals usually give the excuse of not having enough time to prepare meals. The fact is that you can eat healthily with proper planning. It doesn’t even require much time, effort and money.