All you need to know about process of the gastric sleeve

Obesity has become a very common problem in this world from which many people are suffering from. Many people try out dieting and do various exercises but by this method weight loss does not occur at a fast speed. If after doing exercises and following a strict diet regimen you are not able to lose weight then you can consider going for surgical treatments and one such effective treatment is Gastric Sleeve surgery.

In the recent years, this surgery has become a very popular choice between the overweight people. This is a very straightforward method of losing weight that generally doesn’t require any kind of maintenance after the surgery and there is also no long term complication.

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Operation process of gastric sleeve

In the operation, highly experienced surgeon removes a certain part of the stomach from the body of the person and then joins the rest of portion together in order to make a new banana size sleeve or stomach.  In the process about 1/10th size of the original stomach gets sacked from the body. Person on whom the surgery is performed feels less hunger and as a result it reduces the weight of the person. The surgery takes less time to recover.

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Eating habit after the surgery

After the surgery, the person also needs to change their eating habits right from the first day.  First day person is only allowed to take the clear liquids and by the time you get discharged from the hospital, you can take protein shakes and pureed food which should be continued till 4 weeks from the surgery.

After the first month take soft solid food only and eat or chew it slowly and properly. While eating never drink as it overfills the stomach.  After eating, take the water after half an hour.