Artvigil adds energy to do your work

Artvigil is a branded medicine. A legal stimulator Generic Armodafinil (or generic Nuvigil), is used in most of the medicines. It is basically used for alerting the whole body mental function for the person suffering from the disorder of wakefulness. This is possible because it affects the neurotransmitters which are a natural chemical present in the brain. This medicine has a beneficial effect on the people who work late night and need to get up early without enough sleep. It is also effective for the person suffering with insomnia.  It has not yet been discovered that how it works except its reaction works with the brain, scientists are still doing research.

Recommendation and Usage

Generic Armodafinil 150 mg is used in order to prepare the central nervous system to work effectively. It should be kept away from the reach of children and should only be used by the adults. Mainly,this drug is used to avoid the sleepiness and activates the brain and also improves its mental ability. 200 mg one tablet in a day is sufficient for adults. Increase in dose from 300-400 will not do any bad effect but will not provide any benefit ether. It is suggested to reduce the dose to 100mg per day to the person suffering from cardiovascular, blood pressure and liver diseases any of such disorders.


As this drug is a stimulator, it should be used very carefully and not abused. Professionals determine its dose differently for each patent. One tablet in a day is the optimal dose for an adult patient and should be taken before the beginning of work like an hour before the work. Using it at evening time may lead to sleep disorder so it’s better to avoid using it in your rest time. If you are taking any other drugs it is suggested to consult to your doctor in order to prevent any unexpected chemical reaction. During the time of pregnancy, it is better not to use this medicine.

Persons who have any kind of heart disease or are allergic to any of its component or have got negative results due to use of this drug before are strictly forbidden from using it. More than 400mg dose in a day can cause uncontrollable and unpredictable changes in cardiovascular system which can cause insomnia, high blood pressure, or increasing heart beating.


It has been proved by a number of experiments that this particular medicine does not cause any type of addiction as it cannot activate metabolism of neural network.

Where can you get this drug?

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