Buying Guide for Mattresses: Know which mattress is right for you

We know that buying a mattress is a complex purchase. There is a lot of information, many technical developments that can sometimes confuse.

We have it clear. Because what it is about is that you have what you are looking for, the best mattress for you, the one that makes you feel good in the morning and with which you wake up like new.

Each one has your different needs, so it is highly recommended that before visiting a store read these questions. They are just a simple guide so when you go to a store and you know what they can ask you to understand your needs, so the buying process will be faster and more effective.

It is a product with you will live between 8 and 10 years and our only interest is that you make the purchase knowing that is the best for you, the most appropriate that will have a positive effect on your health.

Check what mattress you have:

The brand, the technology if it specifies: springs or foam, and if you do not know, is it firm what you are looking for or is it rather soft? Are you satisfied? Do you want to repeat experience or change options? This will be the main reference, your current comfort level, and if you are happy with it or you prefer to change.

The mattress you have, do you remember when you bought it?

The life of a mattress is between 8 and 10 years. why? Because the upper layers of the mattress wear out over time and the mattress loses its comfort properties. Hygiene is another of the points that are being lost. Our body naturally loses scales of skin daily, that microscopic skin is the basis of the feeding of mites. That is why hygienic treatments on mattresses are very important.

What is the size of the mattress you are looking for?

Width: Measure what you have at home and if you are looking for a new one makes sure that with that measure the person or people that sleep will have “living space” between them. No one likes to wake up by the other person’s movements. A test to assess if space is sufficient is to lie both people in bed and see if the arms behind the head – with elbows protruding – do not touch. If they do, their bed probably is not big enough.

Length: also, important: they should be left at least 10-15 CMS. extra regarding the height of the highest person who will sleep in bed. Today the lengths of 2 meters are quite standard.

Who and where will it be used?

Is it for the master bedroom, a second residence or a rental house? Is it for a geographically high humidity zone? Is it for a baby, child or adult? Is it for two people or for one? How much do they weigh? Is there much difference in weight between both people? Is it for a hot person or a rather cool person? In what position do you usually sleep? Are you allergic to mites?

Have you thought about the budget you want to invest in the mattress?

As a general rule, you pay for what you buy, a bargain is not a bargain if you cannot sleep well. One way to give the real value of a mattress reviews is to divide the price between the number of nights you will sleep in it: about 3650 nights.

What base do you have? Upholstered, or bed base?

Not all mattresses are valid for all bases. The mattress and base are like a team, they act together to provide a good rest.

Do you need / want to change the base of the mattress?

The base has a greater durability than the mattress but also suffer wear. Value if you are interested in changing the mattress and base at the same time, you will have the advantage of achieving a perfect combination of components and also opens the possibility of increasing the size of the bed, going from 135 to 150 or 150 to 180 wades.

And … which is better: mistletoe, latex, springs, technical foams, HR, Gel …?

There is no ideal material par excellence, each person has some needs and each person is better a combination of concrete materials. Ideally, unless the preferences are very clear, the search for the mattress is based on what best fits our specific rest needs. It is simple, what we are looking for is a product that allows us to sleep well. Technology is the means to get a good rest but first you have to know what comfort is right for us. Try and trust the sensations, it’s what really matters.