Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Some of the cause border on two tenets, the psychological and the physical cause.

The psychological factor has to do with the brain. The brain’s ability to pass a neurological message to the body that sexual activity is about to go on. It does that through a chemical call cGMP in the body.

The physical factor has to do with not getting enough activity for the heart to pump blood to the organ when it calls for it. People who are obese and have a low level of exercise are more prone to have ED than someone who exercises for example. For the later, the heart is always working to supply blood from their cardiovascular system to the organ.

Here are some of the Psychological factors that can cause erectile dysfunction.

1) Depression

The state of not seeing any future for one’s life because of present conditions. Sex becomes a passive thing.

2) Stress

Working yourself out with no time to rest can cause erectile dysfunction.

3) Performance anxiety

Wanting to please your partner at certain point of your sexual encounter can make you lose your erection

4) The situational, psychological problem (heartbreak, loss of a loved one, etc.). Every of the above can make you feel less interested in sex.

Physical factors

They are factors that cause erectile dysfunction in men mostly from their lifestyle and habits. These factors are some of the significant reason doctors advise against certain practices that can be detrimental to your sexual performance. Some of those habits are;

Smoking, drinking, and abuse of drugs:

These habits don’t leave most men. As long as you continue to commit them, be ready to keep complaining of erectile dysfunction

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Cardiovascular diseases:

These diseases affect our heart, arteries, and veins. They make our blood clog, and this can lead to a low circulation of blood to the body and your organ.


Diabetic patients suffer from a high rate of erectile dysfunction that it’s not only difficult to maintain an erection, but it’s also almost impossible to do so.

Other forms of physical factors that cause erectile dysfunction are; Parkinson disease, obesity, and much more


Erectile dysfunction cases are mostly referred to doctors for better advice. However, there are few methods anyone suffering from ED can do help himself active


Exercise helps in a lot of burning fats, increasing the heartbeat, and improving blood circulation to all parts of the body. Intense exercise combined with few Kegels can draw blood circulation back to your organ.

Use of medication

Some people are in the habit of using pills – Viagra or Kamagra to enhance their sexual performance. Kamagra Jelly is suitable for anyone who doesn’t like taking pills but is suffering from ED. It can make you last much longer in bed.

Sleep very well

Stress is a massive thing for ED, and sleep is the best cure for stress. A good sleep cycle can help increase your blood circulation and brain function.

If you are not too sure which way to follow, you can always ask your physician.