Crowdfunding to organize sex education classes

India has a fairly high teen pregnancy rate. Every year, about four million teenage girls from India are reported pregnant at a very young age. There’s no estimate as to how many of these pregnancies are the result of rape. India is one of the most unsafe countries for women. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India with most of them being committed by someone known to the victim.

Most of the rape cases in India go unreported. The need of the hour is to teach young people about consent, sex crimes and gender related crimes. However, making any such attempt requires money, something fundraising India can provide.

The focus of sex education in India should focus on sensitization of people about consent,abuse and personal experiences. This would relegate to redundancy any debate concerning the “Indianness” of sex education. However, such work is not done easily. Who decides who will be sensitized and how will this vast body of discourse be brought to the mainstream? This is what we need to brainstorm about. However, fundraising India can help with respect to this.

Medical and NGO fundraising does not just bring together financial contributors, it also ropes in people who have experiences as well as interests in the areas. Various NGOs have worked in this field, across the country. If you have an idea of conducting sex education classes and want to learn from the experiences of other people, contacting them might bring you resources, both financial and technical. The vast array of experiences you might learn from individuals and NGOs which have both fought for the cause, is something fundraising India will provide you with.

There are various material things to take into consideration when you go about such a drive. For example, where will such workshops or classes be conducted? Will they have lectures? Who will be invited to speak in for the events? Who will be invited to listen? There are various ways and methods of organizing such programs that your fellow senior activists can make you learn about. However, certain things remain constant.

These are:  1. The need for a venue.

  1. The need for speakers.
  2. The need for an audience.

 All these things need to be sorted out.

There are plenty of fundraising sites in India. The trick is to choose the right one. Make sure the fundraising websites India you choose provide assistance with the crowdfunding. Some fundraising in India might come inexpensively. But this does not mean you will get the best service here. Impact Guru is one site that can help you great work. Remember that whatever you do you should not lose focus from the goal.

If you still haven’t started a fundraiser, you should start one right away. It will take you five minutes to start it on Impact Guru. All you need to do is go online, navigate to the platform’s website and start a fundraiser. But merely starting a fundraiser is not enough. You need to be sure that people react to your fundraiser well. For this, you need to go on social media and campaign for your cause. Not just that, you have to meet various people who are interested in your cause in person. Once you have gathered enough supporters, you can start emailing these people the link to your fundraiser. This will make things easier for you. The more people you draw into the fold, the bigger will be the discussion.

You can approach schools, colleges and universities with your proposition. You can also create awareness among communities, neighbourhoods and medical professionals. All of this can be done with the help of innovative fundraising ideas and a crowdfunding platform which is willing to support your project.