dental crowns and bridge products

For those that have teeth that they are not happy with, it may be necessary to seek help from a cosmetic dentist. There are a few different methods that can be used to give you the smile you have always dreamed of and they are simpler than you might imagine. Dental crowns and bridge products are a great way to get the teeth you have always dreamed of without major surgery.

So what is a dental crown? Crowns are a cap that is placed over the tooth after it has been shaped and drilled to fit the crown. The process is simple. The a portion of the tooth above the gum line is removed prior to applying the cap and any issues like cavities are drilled and sealed as well as filled. The cap is then fitted over the remaining tooth and cemented in place. Crowns can be used to repair damaged teeth, to help correct your bite, or to reshape teeth to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Dental crowns are often used when root canals are performed to correct issues with the root of the tooth. Dental bridges are another option that are perfect for those with a few missing teeth. A bridge is a plate that has teeth on it but that does not consist of a full mouth of teeth. Most bridges have a few teeth on them and they are often used to replace missing front teeth. Bridges are a great way to get your teeth looking great without any major surgery. If you are having a bridge made to repair damaged teeth, the teeth will be professionally removed before the bridge is made and fitted.

These are both great options for those that have teeth they are not happy with or for those that have missing or damaged teeth. Both procedures are quick taking one or two visits to complete and they are permanent. If you have issues with your teeth, you should take the time to talk with your dentist about what dental repair options you have.