Dental Implants: Are They Right For You?

Patients who have at least one missing tooth are usually offered the choice of getting dental implants Burke VA dentists can put into place. This is an option given to adults who have lost a tooth from an injury, a serious infection, or from severe tooth decay. The great thing about implants is that they can last a lifetime while also looking and feeling like a real tooth. However, not everyone is a great candidate for dental implants.

Here are some factors that may affect your candidacy for an implant:

Factor #1: Oral Health History

Losing one tooth or possibly two due to injury or infection can still qualify you as a candidate for an implant. There are also some dental implants Burke VA that covers more than just a single tooth, but to qualify, a patient must have excellent gum and jaw health. Implants, in general, have a very high success rate, but if a patient’s oral health history is very poor and their current condition is not at its prime, implantology might not be the right choice.

Factor #2: Smoking

The best candidate for a dental implant is one who does not smoke or is committed to quitting as soon as possible. Chainsmokers have a higher risk of developing gum disease as they age which will impact bone healing once the implants have been installed. In several instances, an implant has failed for a smoker because the body isn’t capable of building bone around the implant.

Nicotine is also linked to implant failure, so even those who do not smoke but use nicotine patches and e-cigarettes may not qualify for a dental implant. Patients who use chewing tobacco frequently are also considered as bad candidates.

Factor #3: General Health Concerns

Patients who have a heart condition and suffer from sleep apnea may not be fit enough to go through a dental implant surgery. During the procedure, anesthesia is required and those who are not healthy enough may be at risk of serious complications. It is recommended by dentists and doctors alike that patients get healthy before going through with the dental implant procedure.

Factor #4: Limited Bone Availability

For one reason or another, a patient’s jaw might not have enough bone needed for the implant to be successful. In these extreme cases, a bone graft is an option that is recommended. Other dental surgeons may also use special mini or angled implants so that the risk of implant failure is reduced.

Other Options To Explore

Sometimes no matter how much you want to get dental implants, your current health status or your insurance will not cover the cost of the procedure. This does not mean you should give up on your teeth and your smile. Skilled dentists will find ways to bring back your smile with other treatments such as a dental bridge or the classic dentures.

Talk to your dentist about the best options that are available for your needs so you can make a wise decision about your oral health today.

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