Drug Rehab centres in Canada

Drugs are in news once again; how far can drug addicts go for drugs is known to everyone, now; how far do you think families, drug rehab centres and government can go to get addicts cure? Well, the answer to this is being practised at Canada’s rehab centre which cages addicts together on a double Decker bunk. Rehabilitation centre’s staffs say this has been done on request of addicts family members. Staffs say, though the way seems unlawful and harsh, it is important to stop increasing relapse.

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Patients were earlier handcuffed, but it seems, that wasn’t sufficient to stop drug intakes. Doctors of rehab explain that by making two addicts stay together they try to avoid solitude of patient; which in most cases worsens the condition. Bedchambers have better psychological effects then hand-cuffs which make patients feel like criminals. And most importantly, since these beds are laid in dormitories, old and new, all patients stay together and help each other.

Many experts worldwide are calling this a brutal primitive approach for an addiction is more complicated than it appears. Some of them alleged it is not a fully fledged treatment approach. They criticize it being based on a very unstable ground and call it myopic. According to this treatment, patients can go home once they start behaving as normal people. The question is will not they run back to drugs once they get back to home or are set free?  But now you won’t have to worry about anything because in Canada there is rehab centre that treats with various unique methods that never have before. Canadian Health Recovery Centre various kinds of services to their customers like residential (In-patient) programs, transitioning and aftercare, a typical day, Detox, family support and much more. For more information visit their official website.