Health Benefits of Judo

Judo is well known martial art discipline which involves strength, patience, and tactics. This martial art form was introduced in Japan many years ago. It is one of the best ways for individuals to stay physically as well as mentally fit. Judo sport is available for the people of every age and physically disabled persons too. The judo is beneficial for the kids who need attention. In fact, this martial art is a great opportunity for the hyperactive children to release their energy or anger.

The judo has lots of health benefits for both the young and old age people. Practicing the martial art on regular basis helps in building muscle, lowering cholesterol and increasing cardio etc. One can learn the various physical activities, discipline and self-defense skills etc in the judo classes. The martial art forms are also good for the spirit of human beings.

Following are some of the health benefits of this martial art:

  1. Boost the Metal and Physical Health: The practice of judo requires lots of physical activity which improve the mental and physical health of individuals. Actually, this martial art needs concentration, clear mind and you have to be active all the time. Hence, the judo promotes leadership, attentiveness, and self-confidence. This also increases the flexibility, reflexes, and coordination in individuals.
  2. Martial Art Helps in Weight Loss: The judo is a great way of losing the weight. All the body parts are used while performing martial art. So, if you go for a one-hour session of judo class, then it will burn up to 500 calories. Hence, this exercise is one of the best ways of losing weight.
  3. Improve the Mood: According to the researcher, doing exercise regularly is a good way to improve the mood. The judo not only helps in relieving stress and frustration but it also makes individuals happier.
  4. Lower Blood Pressure, Heart rate and improve the Cardiovascular Health: The various activities in the martial art improve the cardiovascular system. Practicing judo involves the repetitive movements help in lowering the blood pressure and the heart rate.
  5. Strengthen the Muscles: Various forms of martial art improve the muscle mass in your body. The higher muscle mass increases the alertness.


If you are looking for the interesting way in order to stay healthy and fit, then judo is right for you. Individuals can learn more discipline and continuous practice of the martial art will result in improvement in the body functioning.  You can get more details by reading book: Judo: Seven Steps to Black Belt. You can also buy book from amazon :