Here’s What To Expect After A Root Canal

Are you getting a root canal and you don’t know what to expect? There are cases that people become intimidated by what is a usual procedure by a dentist Lansdowne. This primarily stems from the fact that they are unsure of what’s to come after they get a root canal.

If you are one of the folks that aren’t fully invested with the idea of getting a root canal simply because you feel as if you are going into uncharted territories, you should read on below and find out what you can expect after a root canal.

  1. Tenderness of the Jaw

Your body is going to take some time to heal after a root canal surgery. Tenderness of the jaw, focused on the area surrounding the affected tooth, is going to be experienced by the patient. If the pain persists for a few days to more than a week, it is a good idea to call your emergency dentist Lansdowne.

The tenderness can be attributed to the root canal procedure itself. You will feel as if the inside of your mouth is uneven which becomes even more apparent when you bite. If you are unable to cope with the uncomfortable feeling that comes with the tenderness of the jaw, you can get over the counter medications to help ease up the pain.

  1. Back to Normal

Believe it or not, you will have a normal time brushing and flossing even if you had just recently gotten a root canal surgery. The affected area is going to be much closer to the gum so it won’t be as bad when you are just brushing and flossing.

However, it is important that, during the recovery from the root canal, you be as careful as possible to avoid any bacteria from building up. Any bacteria build up is going to be risky and may lead to even more pain in the mouth. That’s why it is advised that those who had recently gotten a root canal surgery to get a toothbrush with softer bristles.

  1. Restricted Eating

Eating soft food and those that are bite-sized is suggested by the dentist Lansdowne if you had just gone through a root canal. That’s because of the risks involved in the area where you had your surgery becomes irritated. There is also a risk of the area being infected by something on the food.

  1. Stress

Stress is one of the main causes for concern that people have when getting a root canal. It is going to be more apparent that you are stressed when the numbing agent used in your mouth has worn off. Pain will come and go during the days of your recovery.

For different people, there are different ways of coping with the pain. Different people also have different paths to recovery. Yours may be longer or it may even be shorter. Although it is vital to keep in mind that root canal does indeed cause mild pain. The severity of the pain should be taken note of so a dentist can be contacted as soon as possible if the severe pain persists.

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