How to Choose A Good Counselor

When it comes to finding a counselor for you or your children, you want to ensure that you only hire the best. Doing so will aid to allow you to move through your troubling times and get back to being you. Here are some great tips to help ensure you find the best counselor out there for your therapy needs. 

The first trait that you want to look for in a good therapist is that they’re easy to talk to. There are some people in life that you come into contact with which you hit it off with. You find it easy to come up with small talk and you find things in common to discuss. Other people you meet may be more difficult to have a conversation with. You want to opt for a counselor which is easy to talk to right from the start. You should feel comfortable around them. Grief counseling for young adults north Salt Lake UT requires that the teens be comfortable around the therapist in order to get through their troubling time. 

Next up, you want to hire a counselor which shares the same philosophy regarding treatment as you do. Does the therapist believe it’s their job to tell you what to do or do they prefer to show you through your own discovery? Do they believe your healing is a joint effort or one that is solely left up to you? These are things that a good counselor will discuss during your initial consultation. They will share with you what their treatment philosophy and process is. It’s important to have this hashed out from the start so you both know where you’re going with the treatment. Otherwise, you’re going to be left wondering how long and when your treatment will be over. 

It’s a virtue of good counselors to ask for feedback often. Counselors who never ask for your feedback from your interactions are those which you want to avoid. No counselor has all the answers as they’re human. A good counselor knows this fact and will work to ensure they’re learning from their interactions with you. They will utilize the feedback you give them to better formulate their treatment program to help you and other patients. A good counselor is always willing to take feedback and utilize it from all clients. 

The last trait of a good counselor that you want to look for lies more in the specifics. If you’re grieving over the loss of a loved one, then you want to find a counselor that specializes in that area. While all counselors are considered capable of handling therapy in general areas, finding counselors who have experience in the type of issue you’re facing is going to benefit you more than a counselor that hasn’t. 

As you can see, there are many tips that can help you along the process of finding a knowledgeable counselor. We encourage you to utilize these tips and take your time when deciding what counselor to hire. It’s always a good idea to schedule a few initial consultations and, then, decide which therapist you want to continue seeing.