How to Find the Best Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers


For those persons in the beginning stages of an addiction, who live with an addicted person and want a professional expertise support structure, who fear that they may eventually become addicted, or who are leaving an inpatient rehabilitation program and need on-going support as they transition into normalcy, an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility (e.g., outpatient drug treatment NJ) may be their best option.

One of the problems, though, is that not all inpatient drug treatment centers are the same.  While all of them probably do their best and are most probably staffed by competent and caring professionals, some treatment centers are that much better.  In fact, there are certain things that you should look for when shopping around for the best outpatient rehab treatment center.

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–They will generally hesitate to provide services to clients (e.g., someone who needs 24/7 support because of a severe, potentially life-threatening addiction) that would be best served at an inpatient treatment center.

–They provide a wide, fairly-inclusive and well-diversified range of services, including:

  • Group & individual therapy sessions
  • Both drug & alcohol addiction counseling
  • Both men’s & women’s services
  • 12-step programs
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Spirituality counseling accessibility & referrals
  • Re-socialization & life skills development
  • Pharmacological solutions
  • Concomitant mental health solutions
  • DUI/DWI programs
  • Sober living facilities/houses referrals

–According to outpatient drug treatment NJ, the freedom for clients to continue to work, attend school and perform other regular essential routines.

–Encouragement and assistance in developing and maintaining strong support systems; among other ways, this is achieved by providing educational literature and programs for family and friends of the addicted.

–Much better affordability than inpatient services.

–Comprehensive services that attempt to take care of all aspects, triggering mechanisms and parameters of an addiction, including medical, physiological and environmental considerations.

–Don’t follow or conform to a “one-size-fits-all” approach or paradigm.  Some professionals in the industry have “set” ideas on what inpatient drug treatment programs should be like, where they should take place (usually in hospital-like or connected settings), what credentials the staff should possess, etc.  The truth is, though, that there are extraneous and difficult to anticipate factors that should also be taken into consideration.

For example, a program that contains a large contingency of ex-criminal offenders may need the supervision and participation of staff members with law enforcement backgrounds or connections.  One can also allude to the fact that some clients may fare better when participating in programs that are less clinical (either in approach or location) and more home-like. In other words, even the décor and furniture chosen for these facilities can play an important role regarding client participation and program success.

–Are there to conform and cater to the unique needs of the clients; unfortunately, this is something that can change over time, as different groups of people are helped, and even according to what’s in the news at the time.  A big news report, for example, that involved the arrest of many people that were part of a big meth making/selling ring is likely to motivate some clients to work harder at getting out of their dangerous, potentially-deadly environment and lifestyles.


Yes, you can beat an addiction—any kind of drug/alcohol dependency addiction—but it will take determination, a genuine desire to get clean & again be in control, and lots of hard work.  That’s your part.

A good, well-equipped and expertly-managed facility, like outpatient drug treatment NJ, with your approval and participation, can do the rest.