How to Store Your Cannabis Effectively

There are many ways to store cannabis. Unfortunately, most of these methods destroy the quality of the buds instead of keeping them fresh and tasty. Here are a few tips to help address cannabis storage issues.

Use Glass

Glass jars and tubes provide the simplest and most cost-effective way to store your cannabis. Make sure the jar is clean and air tight. It is recommended you use mason jars with rubber or silicone tops. You can get them from GlassheadsWholesales at a cheaper rate. Choose a glass that have the proper size for the amount of cannabis you are storing.

Store the Cannabis in a Dark Place

Excessive exposure to light can reduce the amount of trichomes in the cannabis. Trichomes contain THC, a resin gland that triggers different moods. Store your cannabis away from direct sunlight. This can be in a dark corner or any other dark place in your house. You can also use opaque glasses.

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Keep the Cannabis Dry

Herbs cannot thrive in a humidity that is more than 70 percent. The ideal humidity should be between 65 and 50 percent. However, there are some types of herbs that can handle humidity below 50 percent. If you expose your herb to excess moisture, they will develop molds. This is very dangerous to smoke and will ruin the storage material. Also, you don’t want to keep the herb too dry, as it will become less potent and very unpleasant to smoke.

Keep it Cool

Dry cannabis is sensitive to temperature changes. When exposed to too much heat, it begins to sweat. This can lead to molding and cause the cannabis to become brittle and uncomfortable to vape or smoke. Keep your cannabis cool to avoid such issues. At the same time, you don’t want to keep it too cold. Extremely low temperatures cause the trichomes to break off, decreasing the potency in the process.

Do Not Expose the Cannabis to Excess Oxygen

Excess oxygen accelerates the rate at which the herb degrades. It will become more brittle and uncomfortable to consume. Make sure the container you choose does not expose the herb to too much air. Only leave a little bit of breathing space in the jar. A half an inch or anything closer will do.

Do Not Refrigerate

Do not store your herb in a freezer. The extreme cold there will suck out the moisture and rupture the glands. The trichomes will become more brittle, and your herb will be less potent. You can only freeze the herb after you have stored it for more than four weeks.

Avoid Plastic Bags

Storing the cannabis in a plastic destroys its smell and makes it more brittle and dry. Always stick to glass mason jars.

The way you store your cannabis makes a huge difference in how long it can maintain its potency and freshness. Use properly sized mason glass jars, avoid plastic bags, keep the right temperature and do not freeze the cannabis.