Key advantages of chloroprene gloves you should know


When you look out for a pair of gloves, you examine it comfort level and toughness. Well, you may have experienced punctures in latex gloves, but chloroprene gloves bring you a different experience altogether. The chemical structure of these gloves is similar to natural rubber and these are much tougher than latex gloves. Chloroprene gloves are known for their excellent comfort level as well as tactile level. Read on to know the competitive advantages of these gloves.

Resistance to chemicals

One of the foremost reasons behind the wide usage of these gloves is its resistance to chemicals. It keeps the skin protected from acids, alkalis, biohazards, chemicals, aliphatic solvents and other materials. Therefore, you can use chloroprene disposable gloves in a broad range of industries. It also provides protection against infectious liquids and drugs used for chemotherapy.

Quality of material

Chloroprene gloves are known for their comfort, strength and elasticity. These gloves are free from powder and fits into the fingers without slipping away. Coming to the elasticity, they are more flexible than nitrile gloves. The strength of the materials provides a reliable barrier to the skin against possible chemical hazards. Besides, these are available in texture and non-textured materials.

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Prevents latex allergy

People prone to allergy from latex can use chloroprene gloves as an alternative. In case you have a sensitive skin, latex gloves may cause irritations in your skin. You can opt for chloroprene gloves in case you face difficulty in wearing other gloves. Look out for the best chloroprene gloves in the online portals. These are available at reasonable prices and can be used for a wide range of purposes.


Chloroprene gloves are also noted for their durability, even if you use them in adverse conditions. It provides your hands with protection against corrosive materials, infectious fluids, blood and dangerous materials. These are disposable gloves and you need to discard them after use. However, as long as you put them in your hands, it protects you against the harmful substances.


Chloroprene gloves are low-modulus gloves, that make them much softer and elastic. They fit into the hands perfectly and reduce fatigue of the fingers. These gloves increase the dexterity of the fingers and boost up the comfort level.

Chloroprene gloves are extensively used for pharmaceutical and veterinarian purposes. Besides, people working in hospital, medical laboratories, clinics and operation theatres also use these gloves. The strength and comfort of chloroprene gloves make it ideal to be used in a vast array of industries.