Malibu 6 treadmill

Treadmills are highly used workout machines in the gym. Workout on the treadmill is a great way to boost your aerobic performance and keep up your fitness. Going to the gym and spending several hours there is not a good idea so many people look for treadmill for home. If you are also looking for the best treadmill then invest in Malibu 6 treadmill.

  1. 1. pros:

It is highly versatile and foldable that it is suitable for everyone. It has the USB technology which enables you to connect your phone with your machine. There is a powerful display which helps in tracking distance, time and calories.

  1. cons

This training console allows limited training programs. This limits your workout and hence you may not be able to do other types of workout on this machine.

  1. Short summaryMalibu 6 treadmill is an affordable model of the treadmill which provides the smooth walking experience. It has the easy to control display panel which enable the users to adjust the speed and get the right inclination. It is highly customized for everyone.  
  2. about the machine:

This machine is perfect for people with different physical abilities. It is perfect for toning your muscles, boosting your metabolic rate and supporting motion to your body. It is great for burning calories by running on the surface that is shock absorbent.

  1. Our favorite features
  • Easy adjustment feature
  • Wider walking surface with better and durable cushioning
  • Folding feature saves space
  • Anti-slip safety belt
  • Maximum running speed is 12 mph
  • Upto 20% inclined level
  1. Notable specs
Size 79L x 54H x 34W
Size for running 60L x 20W
Weight capacity 308 lbs
Speed range 0.6-12 mph
Output 1500 W
Motor 4 HP A/C Motor
  1. Our least favorite features
  • Not too good for targeting specific body workout
  • Only walking, jogging and running training programs are there
  • Gives you a monotonous feel of exercising
  1. The bottom line

This is a top value product for getting the maximum fitness. It is suitable for training for everyone.  It has the simple design which allow hassle free workout. It enables the users to enjoy walking or running at their different speeds according to their choice.