Modafinil Overdose Experiment

Every medicine can affect your health and body if taken in excessive amount. Same is the case with modafinil. Modafinil is basically a medicine that is used to treat the sleeping disorders in adults. This central nervous system simulator alters the brain activity and promotes the wakefulness. Although the medicine is quite effective but there are some issues regarding this medicine. One of these is Modafinil overdose. In this article, we will shed light on this imperative matter.

It is very easy to overdose any medicine and your body has a limit up to which it can handle a drug. Some clinical experiments were conducted to measure the effect of Modafinil overdose. A number of people were taken in to consideration and were administrated with 1000 mg to 1600 mg a day. The dose provided to the people is 8 times of the normal dose that is recommended. This modafinil overdose was continuously administrated to the people and they were in the consideration for up to 21 days. Although the modafinil overdose experiment continues and the dose was increased. The subjects were given seriously huge modafinil overdose of 4000 mg to 4500 mg which is clearly non recommended to be taken. The results obtained through the experiment were shocking because none of the subject experienced any life threatening issues. Although the side effects of modafinil overdose experienced by the subjects were confusion, sickness, aggressiveness, Diarrhea, Irritability, sleep disturbance and disappointment.

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The conclusion of the experiment was clear that no one can face life threatening issues from the modafinil overdose. Although modafinil overdose is related to some other health issues but it is not possible for any individual to die because of the modafinil overdose. Even since the release of the drug there have not been aby case of death because of the modafinil overdose. According to reports, a kid can take up to 800 mg of this drug and survive. Although the drug is only used as accidental ingestion in kids.

From the experiment of modafinil overdose it is clear that the drug has no life threatening effects but there is definitely a range up to which body can fight against the modafinil overdose. According to experiments, the dosage of up to 12000 mg is lethal for human body. But in any case of modafinil overdose it is recommended to monitor the heart rate of the subject otherwise it will raise some serious heart problems. But there is no need to worry about the modafinil overdose because a simple stomach pump will get things back to the normal.

There are many other risks associated with the modafinil overdose such as negative effect on the development of skin, allergy and neuropsychiatric disorders. Some other common side effects of this drug overdose include headache, back pain, dizziness, feeling anxious and stuffy nose. It is recommended to quickly tell your doctor about the modafinil overdose because these side effects can bother you for a long time. Modafinil overdose can also get affected by the other medicines. If you are using this drug with other medicines the side effects may differ in those cases.

There are no life threatening issues regarding modafinil overdose but it is always advised to take proper precautions. Avoid drinking alcohol along with this drug because it can have serious side effects. Also avoid taking modafinil if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. Proceed with caution and immediately consult a doctor in case of modafinil overdose to avert problems associated with the drug.