Personalized communication regarding healthcare gets funding to expand

Getting the message through to your patients can be gruesome work for healthcare organizations who have a multitude of different patient types and only so much time in a day to get to them and make them respond.

HealthCrowd, a San Diego based company that just received $7.2 million in funding according to Healthcare Weekly. The company just completed a series A round led by TVC Capital as a result of implementing a business model that not only works for clients and healthcare organizations in 26 states but also makes patients happy.

In fact, business has been so good, CEO Neng Bing Doh explained, that the organic growth of the company exceeded its financial possibilities, making the raising of capital imperative for the company’s further development.

What HealthCrowd provides to healthcare organizations is not only an integrated full package of outreaches, personalized for each and every particular patient, but also analyses of their responses. This allows organizations to better adjust their messages in line with the patient’s prior responses to similar communications. As Digital Authority president Michael Reddy says, “healthcare businesses are no different than any other business, meaning that they are trying to identify prospects (patients), and market their services in a way that will best attract those prospects”.

What HealthCrowd does is exactly that. Basically, the system learns and becomes better at what it is doing every time it gets used. As it becomes more intelligent, the next communication it presents becomes more effective, making for happy customers and patients.

AI and healthcare is, many experts say, a match made in heaven.   

We decided to partner with TVC Capital to accelerate our ability to transform the state of healthcare communications in the country to be on par with other industries”, Neng Bing Doh says.

As for the investors, the possibility of making more money out of their money is what keeps them engaged. Nothing says money better than happy customers.What truly amazed me was the unanimous degree of enthusiastic satisfaction amongst HealthCrowd’s customers,” said Mykel Sprinkles, Partner at TVC Capital.

Recently, Healthcare Weekly included HealthCrowd on their list of best healthcare startups to watch for in 2018.