Quick Guide: How To Use Singing Bowl Mallets

Singing bowls are great to use especially if you are trying to meditate. A large Tibetan singing bowl can be very helpful if you are meditating in a particularly spacious room. There are lots of ways for you to introduce a singing bowl into your meditation. Below is a quick guide on how to do so effectively.

What is a mallet?

Before we get to anything else, you have to first know what a singing bowl mallet is. It is a padded instrument that you can use to strike the mallet bowl. Depending on the thickness of the dowel, you can produce different levels of sounds.

When you strike a singing bowl with a padded mallet, you will be able to hear the tone a lot more clearly than when the singing bowl is left untouched. Depending on the area where you strike, you can also produce deeper tones. Upper octave tones are louder than deeper tones so you can strike to your preference.

Rimming with a mallet

Before you start meditating, make sure that you prepare your singing bowl. Ensure that your large Tibetan singing bowl is within arm’s reach and the same goes for your singing bowl mallet. Follow the steps below once you are prepared:

Hold the singing bowl with your non-dominant hand. Secure it with your fingers close together.

Use your dominant hand to hold the mallet at the very center as if you were going to use it to write.

Stir the singing bowl with the mallet by making revolutions at the edge of the lip of the bowl.

As you continue to rub the rim, make sure that you listen to the bowl’s voice.

If you want to hear a different sound from the bowl, make adjustments with your speed and how hard you rub the rim of the singing bowl.

Your end goal is to make sure that the female overtone is clear and sweet sounding.

Stringing with a mallet

Striking the singing bowl with your mallet is fairly easy. Depending on the type of mallet that you have, make sure that your position before you strike and after is consistent. This ensures that the sound that you make with your singing bowl mallet is consistent as well.

There are other singing bowl mallets that can be used when it comes to striking. They have different handles and have different padding. They also vary in girth and length. Depending on your preference, you can use alternate mallets to prevent the sound that you create from becoming monotonous in your perception.

If you are a beginner, do not attempt to meditate as soon as you generate sounds from the singing bowl. Master how you would generate these sounds. Observe what you are doing until it becomes muscle memory. If necessary, focus your mind on using the singing bowl mallet before you attempt to meditate.

You will have a better understanding of how to use your singing bowl mallet with your large Tibetan singing bowl as you move forward.

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