Say Goodbye to Hair Loss with a Permanent Treatment of Hair Transplant in Jaipur

According to the report of a Medical tourism in India, it has been stated that the procedure of Plastic & Cosmetic surgery, especially the hair transplant has increased by the rate of 80% as compared to the Western World country record of doing the same in the field of hair restoration. The data stated not only for the procedure is being done in India with a great number, but also reflected the fact that the Indian Surgeons/Doctor are well-versed and more skilled and knowledgeable who gives the utmost dedication towards their service as they follow the Indian ethos & value, i.e., the great hospitality with their patients. The foreign patient/client agrees with the point that the India has a dual benefit for the tourism as they get both the travel interests as well ass the medical facilities at an affordable cost, which is counted at the cost effective options that call patients around the world.

It is a well-known fact that the permanent remedy for the problem of hair loss is the hair transplant procedure as it implies the shifting of patient’s own hair roots from their donor location in the recipient area and the regrowth of hair is the original growth of hair, which is for life long. The hair transplant in Jaipur is one of the best options in India and also for the outpatients as the service, cost of hair transplant and facilities applicable in Jaipur is far better than the rest part of the world.

Why Hair Loss Occurred?

Androgenic alopecia

The genetic disorder of hair loss is termed as the Androgenic alopecia that presents the various grades of baldness to the people who are afflicted with it! The cause behind genetic hair loss is a responsible gene, which is transferred from one generation to the others. The Androgenic alopecia cannot be treated with the medications and a person can take the medications to control the problem of hair loss just for the time being and only if he/she is not having the suitable candidate for the transplantation due to the age factor or causes may be of any chronic disease, Etc.

Hormonal Factor (Alopecia areata)

The hormonal changes are associated with the Thyroid disorder medically that attacks the hair follicles and presents the severe hair loss problem. The hormone causes hair loss includes the disease known as the Alopecia areata, also attacks the hair follicles and inhibit the hair growth causes the hair loss and the solution is only the hair transplant. The changing in hormone functioning is also associated with the pregnancy, childbirth, Mesopause, irregular usage of contraceptive presents the hair loss problem in females. However, the hormonal factor of hair loss is different in both male and females as they have the different anatomy to receive the effect of hormones. The hormonal imbalances of hair loss can be understood to the point that they affect the hair follicles severely and stops the further growth and the hair roots get damaged and fall out.

Treatment of Hair Loss/Balding with Hair Transplant

Hair loss affects millions of people around the world and the solution is only the hair transplant option. It is a concerning aspect of the procedure that it needs the most artistic skills more than the scientific skills to show the 100% natural results. A patient affected by the hair loss problem receives the hair transplant procedure not only to get over the problem of hair loss, but also looks for the natural result that is only possible if the procedure is performed by the expert hair transplant Surgeon.

The transplantation of hair involves the shifting of hair follicles from the safe donor area to the no hair zone in such a manner that the patient gets the head full of hair with all the aesthetic concerns. There are two types of technique acceptable in the world of hair restoration to harvest the hair grafts in the procedure of hair implantation in order to implant them to the recipient zone. The techniques are the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) & the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Both these techniques have the same goal to achieve the desired number of hair roots to fulfill the criteria of getting the transplantation done with the view of a head full of hair with all the aesthetic and natural concerns. It has been proved that the FUT hair transplant is the most compatible option than the FUE if a patient needs a number of hair grafts to cover the greater grade of baldness with the high-density hair pack.


Summarizing all, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is an only single option to get rid the problem of hair loss completely and can be achieved the desired and expected results of the procedure if taken it by the expert hair transplant Surgeon.