Start Using Kettlebells in Your Workouts

Women know that working out for them is much different than it is for men. Men have an easier time gaining and defining muscle than women. However, women are still quite capable of getting some muscle definition without the help of testosterone.  By using the right equipment, women can gain as much muscle in just the same amount of time, maybe even quicker, than any man.


The benefits of a kettlebell

We all know how exercise weights are generally shaped, like a dumbbell. However, kettlebells have a unique shape that can enhance your everyday workout. They are large ball-shaped weight that have a handle on the top and is entirely made of cast-iron. The kettlebell’s shape allows you to exercise unlike every before due to its dynamic flexibility.

Kettlebells will allow you to increase your overall strength without suffering from a bulky appearance. This exercise equipment is designed not to build muscle mass during a workout; kettlebells are designed, rather, to build strength through increasing your lean muscle tissue. Therefore, you get the benefit of a leaner body without the bulk of muscles.

Another benefit of exercising with a kettlebell is that they are meant for high-intensity exercising.  As women, we have a harder time losing body fat due to our body’s genetic need to always be ready for child-bearing. However, the unique shape of the kettlebell allows you to always keep moving during your workout so you burn more fat.

Starting out with a kettlebell

A kettlebell is way less intimating than it looks so don’t be scared to start higher than what you would using a dumbbell. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to worry about getting bulky; here are some suggests for finding you starting weight:

  • 15lbs/8kg: If you have no experience with weight exercise
  • 25lb/12kg: If you have experience weight exercises or have used a 15lb kettlebell for 6 weeks
  • 35lb/16kg: If you have a lot experience using kettlebells or have used a 25lb kettlebell for 6 months

Once you find your ideal kettlebell you can start your next level working out experience. Several of the best starting exercises with a kettlebell for women include:

  • The Kettlebell Row:While bending your body, pull the kettlebell to your chest and then let it go back down.
  • The Kettlebell Swing: While in a half-squat, swing the kettlebell from between your legs to in front of your chest.
  • The Squat & Press: You hold the kettlebell above your head, then control it going down while performing a deep squat.

Workout Shoes

The benefits of workout shoes

This benefit sort of speaks for its own. If you have a pair of workout shoes, you don’t have to wear down one of your favorite pair of tennis shoes, or sneakers. Not to mention that even if you did use a regular pair of sneakers or tennis shoes, they wouldn’t even hold up. Those types of shoes are not built to last your regular workouts or give you the right grip.

How to find the right pair

In order to find the right pair of workout shoes for you, first consider the type of workouts you plan to do. There are different types of shoes for different types of workouts:

  • Weightlifting shoes: Designed to improve balance & stability
  • Running shoes: Designed to not wear out as fast
  • Cross-training shoes: Designed as all-in-one shoes for all workouts

Keep some of these examples in mind when considering the right pair for your workout.