Strip Method Hair Transplant is a wise Selection in the Cost Concern

The method of hair root extraction is the fundamental aspect of the procedure that facilitates the process of the hair root transfer with the involvement of the donor location and the receiving balding areas. The hair transplant procedure is actually the process of hair root shifting via the technique of extraction, either by the FUT or through the FUE. The goal of the procedure is one and only one is to cover the balding areas of the scalp with full of viable hair roots. Now, it is the main concern in the surgery that how the live hair roots will be extracted and implanted in order to achieve the aesthetic goal of the surgery. However, the technical or methodological selection in procedure weighs importance and a Surgeon select the most suitable according to the patient’s anatomical and physiological condition.

Two types of techniques are involved in the hair transplant procedure, namely, the FUT hair transplant and the FUE method of hair root extraction. The FUT or the strip method of hair root extraction is a conventional method and worldwide accepted technique of hair restoration weighs an affordable hair transplant cost, whereas the FUE involves the punching tools to extract the grafts/root generally a pricey decision.

The FUT or the strip method of Hair Transplant surgery:

The FUT or the follicular unit transplant is also known as the strip method of harvesting involves the strip of the skin removal only from the safe donor par, i.e., the back and sides of the scalp containing the DHT-resistant hair roots. The strip is further sent to the dissection job where a team of technicians precisely performs the dissection of the hair roots under higher magnification of microscopes. The FUT can offer you the best number of hair roots because of the multiple numbers of hair roots presence in the strip that is extracted in a single time.

How is FUT the Cost-effective Option?

It gives a multiple numbers of Grafts/follicular unit: The FUT technique of hair restoration facilitates the option of obtaining a number of hair roots in a single session. The strip of the skin has a bunch of grafts that are separated precisely under the higher magnification of microscopes and collect the feasible number of grafts to sort out the problem of the baldness. However, a great need for the restoration procedure for a bigger grade of NW-baldness can be solved in a single session.

It can cover the greatest grade of baldness in a Single session: Yes, the FUT method is a worthy decision in the context of cost as it offers a mega number of grafts/follicular units that can easily cover the biggest grade of baldness. So, it is important that one should possess good donor areas in a strong condition in order to offer the best possible number of hair grafts.

The Cost of FUT/Strip Method is Reasonable one: The cost of a FUT hair transplant generally ranges from Rs.25-40 in India, whereas the cost of an FUE hair transplant can cost between Rs. 30-120 INR/. This cost of the procedure clearly explains that the FUT or the strip method of harvesting is less as compared to the FUE method of the hair transplantation.


It is needed to consult with your hair transplant surgeon if you are seeking the restoration surgery in order to know the actual state of the scalp and donor area’s condition to receive the particular technique of the graft extraction.