Things to keep in mind for a healthy life after 50

Health in the environment of 50 years has new features that should know and manage properly. Is it inevitable to get fat? Should I go to the doctor without discomfort? How should we take care of ourselves?

We must always be aware of our health, but even more so from the age of fifty. Knowing the physical and emotional changes that occur in our body in order to act on time and make the necessary revisions invites us not skip any medical appointment, despite how little we like to go to the doctor. We make a tour of the main stations where we must stop to do a review, without excuses. And remember, at any age, it is better to prevent than to cure.

Around the age of 50, women begin with menopause, which is attributed to a sharp drop in the production of estrogen, the main female sex hormone, which, in addition to ending menstruation, causes other symptoms, such as an increase in body fat, sweating, palpitations and various emotional changes.

In men, middle age also comes with a series of physical changes: it begins to accumulate more body fat; it loses strength and energy and decreases sexual desire. These changes, in many cases similar to those experienced by women in menopause, have traditionally been attributed to the fall in the production of testosterone, the main male sex hormone.

  • We must also take special care in calcium intake to prevent osteoporosis, advising to take between 4 and 5 servings of dairy per day.
  • Other food options rich in this mineral are: almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, poppy and chia seeds, soybeans, spiny fish, dried fruit, legumes, etc.
  • The vitamin D found in bluefish, egg yolk or dairy along with a daily exposure to sunlight will help us assimilate this mineral well.
  • Other thing that one can adopt is use vaping instead of smoking, as vaping has fewer side effects on health. Also vaping contain fewer chemicals. Visit website to know more about it.

Prevent more than cure. Checks from 50.

Who has not ever asked when to go to the doctor? In recent years there has been an important change in our way of living because it is no longer just about whether we are sick or not, but about how we can better manage health. It is about preventing the appearance of new diseases and keeping us in the best condition possible.

More than regular check-ups, doctors usually recommend specific reviews based on the most common problems that affect people according to age, clinical history, and genetic inheritances.

In women, it is convenient to do a series of examinations based on a normal clinical review. It is also essential to search for stool occult blood as a preventive measure against colon cancer. And the colonoscopy every two years starting at age 50 if there is a family history. Finally, the entire cardiovascular system should be monitored with a chest plate, especially among smokers.

In short, many of these diseases can be detected in early stages in a health check and become controllable, treatable and often curable.