Treating the symptoms of lupus

Lupus is a disease which attacks the immune system of the body. In this disease, the immune system of the body fails to differentiate between the foreign invaders and the beneficial tissues of the body. Thus, auto antibodies are being produced in the body which kills the healthy tissues of the body. This disease causes inflammation, fatigue, hair loss, skin rash, depression, swollen joints, unexplained fever and many other symptoms. There is no permanent lupus treatment available. All the medicines treat the symptoms of the disease. In many cases, when the causes of lupus are removed the symptoms of the disease are also removed.

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Causes of Lupus

  • Genetics: One of the root causes of the problem is the genes present in the body. The scientists have recognized 50 genes which are causative agents of this disease. This disease is found mainly in the colored races and these genes are found mostly in the Asians, Africans, Native Americans and Latin people.  

  • Hormone: The presence of estrogen hormones in excess is responsible for this disease. This hormone is produced by women especially during the pregnancy and before starting of menstrual cycle.
  • Medication: There are certain medicines which are responsible for the lupus disease. The medicines which are being used for the treatment of seizures and blood pressure along with antibiotic are directly associated with the disease, as they have a role to play in the start of this disease.

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Treatment of Lupus

The Lupufree review suggests that the medicine developed for the treatment of the disease shows that most of the medicines treat the symptoms of the diseases. In case of the Lupus; the medicine uses the natural power of the anti inflammatory drugs found in the nature. The ingredients of the medicine include pure flex seed, vitamin B12 and D3, which proves to be very beneficial in treating the disease.