Why should you choose Ludhiana for FUE hair transplant?

First of all, I would like to tell you about Ludhiana which is a city geographically located in India. This city is situated in the state of Punjab. If you are in a search of a city in India where can you get your hair transplant therapy done successfully, then Ludhiana is the best option for you becausethere are many clinics here that will provide good treatment at an affordable cost.

However, FUE hair transplant in Ludhianais the best treatment which is offered by some of the hair transplant clinics. Basically, FUE is Follicular Extraction Unit method in whichindividual hair follicle is plucked from donor area usually the sides orback of the head and transplanted to the bald area called as the recipient.This process is carried out with help of special extraction instrument.

The Process of FUE hair transplant in Ludhiana:

Now, I will brief you about the procedure which is carried out by the doctor.

Firstly, your donor areai.e. either the sides or back of the head will be trimmed up to 1-2 mm length. On the donor area, the doctor will provide you local anesthesia to prevent you from pain.Now, the doctor will use the special micro punching tool to extract grafts. The next two steps will tell you

The removal of hair follicles will be done in two steps. Firstly, the doctor will perform the scoring of the scalp skin containing the follicular unitswith the help of sharp side of micro punch tool.

Now, with the help of the dull side of the micro punch, the hair follicles will be twisted by the doctor. His assistant will remove the hair follicles gently from your donor area with help of the tool called as forceps. These grafts are now preserved in saline.

Here comes the time for preparation of the recipient area. Tiny holes are made by doctor to insert the hair follicles. Hair follicles are gently placed in the holes. Hence, the process for hair transplant gets completed.

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are some serious reasons which can lead you to hair loss. Let me tell you some of the important ones-

Physical stress- Too much stress can cause hair loss. Infections in the scalp, less amount of vitamin B in your body, increase in the amount of vitamin A, poor diet, genetic hair loss,deficiency of vitamin B.

Hair transplant cost in Ludhiana:

The cost you will have to pay per graft will be Rs 30 to Rs 40 per graft. However, depending on your level of baldness, the price goes on increasing.


Look, if you undergo this procedure then you will feel the following advantages.

The Linear scar will not be visible. In case of FUT process of hair transplant, the mark of the linear scar will be visible for few days but if you compare with FUE, the dot-shaped scar will be visible for few days.

You will feel minimum pain after the procedure. Since the tool will punch small holes, so it will not hurt you more.You will feel natural hairline.

If we look from surgeon’s point of view, the equipment as well as supporting assistantr equirement will be minimum.


The main disadvantage is time. Yes, this procedure requires more time as compared to FUT procedure. Also, the cost involved is more as compared with FUT. But don’t worry, both of these disadvantages will be solved if you prefer to get your hair transplant done in Ludhiana.

Walia Hair Transplant center:

I would like to suggest Dr D.S. Walia for hair transplant. Dr Walia is MD performing surgeries from 15 years. His clinic is in Ludhiana. He is trained by a Hair Transplant Surgeon in Colorado USA named Dr. James A. Harris. His centre will provide you the best treatment for FUE hair transplant at affordable cost.