Why You Should Use a Treadmill Running Machine

For people who want to stay fit, lose weight, or work on their cardiovascular then one fitness tip (i.e) a treadmill running machine can be a perfect home-based solution. It is always nice to go running outside in the fresh air on a bright spring or summer morning, but what if you have to get up early in the darkness of winter to go traipsing through the snow, or battling against strong winds? In this case, the running machine comes to the rescue because it is best to keep up a regime week in week out, rather than simply taking the winter off and starting up again in the spring. One would be out of shape and would probably feel discouraged about having to start over.

Why a running machine is more convenient

There are a few good reasons why treadmill running is more convenient than pounding the streets. For a start, you are no longer at the mercy of heavy or speeding traffic. Many rural areas do not have sidewalks or even proper street lighting, so if you go out jogging in these kinds of areas you need to be extra vigilant, and make sure you are highly visible. It is so much safer just to get your running done indoors running on a treadmill instead. Still on the subject of personal safety, it is also advisable for women to run in groups when jogging outdoors, especially after sunset.

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What are they and what do they do?

So onto what a treadmill is. They are basically motorized belts which revolve backwards and enable you to walk or run on the spot, at various speeds controlled by you. Most of the best treadmills have adjustable inclines too, so you can get a great cardio workout simply at walking pace, with the running machine simulating an uphill hike.

Running machines generally have a lower impact on leg joints, especially the knees and ankles, and so can be a good way to get back into shape after an injury. Of course, they are also a perfect way to help prevent injuries occurring in the first place, by mixing up your training between treadmill running machine and the roads.

In conclusion, owning a treadmill and sticking to a regime will improve your health and well-being while you exercise in the comfort of your own home. GTFS has an excellent article on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) running machine exercises if you need direction on effective treadmill workouts.

Happy training!