4 Tips for your New Year Fitness Goals

If you feel you’ve been overindulging recently, then perhaps a “New Year New You” fitness plan is on the horizon. If you’re trying to figure out how to be healthy in the new year, HYPOXI Knightsbridge has you covered. See below for a few tips on how to achieve your New Years Fitness Goals, no matter how simple or ambitious.

  1. Start as you mean to go on

The good news is that if you’ve overeaten during the Christmas period, your metabolism will be temporarily operating at a higher rate. This means that the first few pounds may come off fairly easily. However, once you get into a regular rhythm of exercise and diet, your body’s changes will take place more slowly. Don’t rely on the fact that your lifestyle has been less than perfect in the past, but try to think of the New Year as a completely blank slate and set a firm plan. However, after you begin, don’t be afraid of admitting you’ve been too ambitious. You can take things down a notch at any point. It’s more important to find yourself able to pursue your plan in the long term, preventing burnout.

  1. Try something new

Avoid tried and tested approaches that you’ve abandoned in the past. Discovering something new can improve the longevity of your routine and keep things fresh. Ensure that your fitness plan remains varied. Your body will “get used” to a certain level and type of exercise and diet, and your weight loss and physiological changes will slow as a result. This is commonly known as “plateauing”. For example, constant running on a treadmill may work for a while, but working on free weights also provide a good alternative cardio boost, as do classes like Pilates and Yoga.

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  1. Make it a lifestyle change

Try to adopt exercise naturally into your weekly routine. If you go to the gym, pick one that is on your way to or from work, or close to your home, so you don’t have to go out of your way to get there. After a mentally taxing day in the office, it is surprisingly hard to find the drive for physical exercise, so make it as easy for yourself as possible. Set fixed times in the week for your workouts and plan appointments and social events around them where you can. If it seems there is no other option but to “miss” a session, consider it “postponed” instead and immediately work out an alternative time to complete it. Remember to adapt your diet too, as making a habit of eating the right things can really enhance your results.

  1. There might be a reason it’s not working

If you hit a “plateau” and find it difficult to change your body any further, you might consider lowering your consumption of certain food types. Dairy, alcohol and sugary or starchy carbohydrates are all problems foods that we can eat less of – but this should be a long-termdiet change and not a quick-fix or “crash” diet, as the results of these can be very short term. If you’ve almost reached your ideal shape and fitness but still struggle with some problematic bulges or cellulite, the HYPOXI method works a charm. The system works by targeting certain areas of the body to improve blood circulation through the use of high and low pressure, enhanced through low impact exercise and a set diet plan. For more information about HYPOXI, contact HYPOXI Knightsbridge today on 020 7118 8377 and request a free trial.