Best Gemstones and Crystals for Healing & Health

We all desire better health and healing for common complaints and illnesses, but often lack the energy, motivation, abiltity or means to do so. We can heal ourselves with the help of medicine but it is often costly and can have bad side effects.Another way of healing the body is with the help of crystals and gems. If you are a true believer in the powers of the gems only then these powers will provide you benefit. There are a lot of crystals and gems available in the market that will help you heal your body and spirit both. I’ve found the following seven gemstones to be the most powerful and effective at promoting health and healing.


There are many types of agategemstones and these are all a great all purpose stone for health and healing. If you are suffering from insomnia, dental problems, and gastrointestinal problems then this stone is wonderful for you. This stone will help you find the inspiration. This will also provide you protection, strength, and intuition and will increase your stamina.


    Amber is a very beneficial stone as it detoxifies the body and deals with all type of addictions including drugs and alcohol. This stone provides great help for the chronic diseases and a great stress reliever. The soothing properties will help you to increase your wisdom and improve your overall health.

Black tourmaline:

    This is a wonderful stone for balancing and removing blockages. It will create a circle around you and will clear it from negative energies and will generate positivity around you. This stone is great for spinal adjustments and for the purpose of tension release. This will also protect you against the radiations and electromagnetic waves or cyber waves.


    An exceptionally great stone for the overall health especially for all the organs. This is also a protection stone and will protect you from electromagnetic rays and ultraviolet rays. Another great thing about this stone is that it will reduce the frequency of nightmares. This will increase your physical energy, self-confidence, intuition, and creativity. Experts claim that this is best for the mental diseases, depression, and instant mood swings.


    The best stone for the women’s health especially during the pregnancy and childbirth. The stone is also useful for the weight controlling process. It aids in hormonal balance and menstrual cycle regulation, as well as in the control of water retention.

Orange Calcite:

    This stone helps to heal sexual disorders, increase creativity, and because of the highly energizing properties, it is also used for the cure of depression. Orange calcite is also helpful with the emotional affairs, mental breakdown, and chronic diseases.

Rose Quartz:

    Another stone that provides the protection during childbirth. This will increase the sexual function with slowing down the aging process. Rose quartz is used for the cure of migraines and the sinus problem. It may also be helpful with the weight loss.

How to use Gemstones and Crystals for Healing & Health

There are several different ways to use the above stones to promote wellness, health and healing.

  • Keep any of these healing crystals in your purse, briefcase or pocket. When you feel the need for healing hold the crystal in your hand.
  • Wear and use gemstone mala beads made with healing crystals or have a crystal on a pendent around your neck. You can also use the mala necklace to chant the powerful healing Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra: “Om Tryambakam yajamaheSugandhim pushti-vardhanamUrvarukamiva bandhananMrityor mukshiya mamritat”.
  • Place several different gemstone crystals around your home. Put them in places where you can relax and focus on healing.
  • You can also place small and flat healing gemstones under your mattress to absorb their healing powers while you sleep.