Best Hair Loss Treatments

While there is still no cure for baldness, there are treatments to keep your hair from getting any thinner. And if you are reading these lines, it means that you have tried at least one product to keep your hair. However, among myriad of products for hair loss, including medicinal treatments at, it can sometimes be difficult to tell which one will work best for you.

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The sad truth is that there is no cure for this condition, especially if it comes down to your genes. But there are treatments that can prevent you from going bald and that will make your hair stronger and healthier, slowing down hair loss. So, here is the lowdown on which hair loss treatments available now are effective and actually work.

Medications that are also available as generic drugs can actually treat hair loss. The two most common are Rogaine and Propecia Finasterid, the only two FDA-approved drugs for this condition. Both were discovered accidentally:  the first was tested as an antihypertensive, the latter as a prostate cancer treatment, but both showed the side effect of excessive hair growth.
Rogaine is super effective because it acts as an opener of potassium channels which cause the cell membranes hyperpolarization. It widens the hair follicle which causes a thicker strand of hair to grow. In addition, it prolongs the hair growth period, resulting in longer and higher number of hair strands, but it can lead to unwanted hair growth.

Propecia Finasterid acts by blocking production of a male hormone DHT that shuts down follicles at the crown and middle of the scalp, causing male pattern baldness. Unlike Rogaine, it doesn’t affect hair growth on other body parts.

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Shampoos are effective because they have nutrients badly needed for hair follicles. They contain hair follicle stimulators that tickle the follicles and give them nutrients necessary to function well on producing quality hair strands.

Vitamins contain lots of nutrients providing hair strands and follicles with the right supplement for better functioning and producing more hair. Vitamins necessary for good hair growth are Niacin, Zinc, vitamin C and Biotin. They are also beneficial to the whole body, not to mention hair strands.