The Mystery and Magic of Glass

When it comes to cannabis, everyone has an opinion about their favorite smoking implement. These opinions are personal taste. Some people prefer the simplicity of a paper wrapper. The joint or the blunt have their solid, hard-core following who enjoy the portability, ease, and simplicity of a good smoke.

Others argue that wood is best. They feel that the dependable wooden pipe is great for a superior quality smoke. Then there are the metal heads. These are the people who proudly parade a hookah or metal pipe and say for strength and durability there is no equal instrument.

Glass is Clearly Intense

Then there are the glass heads; those who prefer that their smoking instrument is made from this sleek, beautiful material. The glass is a magical, mystical substance. Many people believe that glass is a highly stable liquid, and in some way, it is. Yet it is also more than that. According to Scientific American, the beauty that comes from a well-crafted piece of glass possesses two qualities, both at the same time. A glass isn’t really a liquid and it isn’t truly a solid; it magically lies between these two states. While glass may not be a Supercooled Liquid, it is super cool!

Timeless Beauty

Glass feels good in your hand. Whether it’s a Ming Dynasty Vase or a bottle of beer, you just feel wonderful when you hold this magical material in the palm of your hand. Its tactile qualities are delightful, its heft feels fantastic, and there’s something edgy about being mindful and protective, aware and considerate in the presence of a piece of glass art.


Beyond the pleasures of Ming Dynasty Vases and six-packs of perfectly chilled beer, glass brings so much to the party. It is cool at first and then warms to your touch, just like the attentions of a lover. It is sleek, gorgeous, and feels right. Just like a lover. It can be curvy, strong, slender, and bodacious in its architectural design… just like a lover.

Hot Art

Artists have always been attracted to the medium of glass. Some folks simply like to play with fire and bend the elements. Nothing wrong with that! From the magnificent stained glass of Medieval cathedrals to the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany to the manufacturer of your favorite glass pipe, the most creative of souls are called to work with glass. To this list of geniuses may we add the creative heroes at SmokeCartel who craft the bongs, water pipes, pipes, one-hitters, beakers, glass blunts, bubblers, stacked bubble recyclers, and glass chillums to the list. All hail!

Glass, when handled with respect, care, and attention, stands the test of time and the changing, fickle fads of fashion. Glass is a medium that rests not only with the states of solid and liquid but between the practical object of smoking pleasure and that of high art.

Show some art appreciation today! Enjoy a great smoking session with the class of great glass.