The Benefits of Using One Hitters to Smoke Your Cannabis

One-hitters, also known as “onesies” and “bats”, are small, cylindrical pipes that fit in the palm of the hand and are used for smoking herbs, like cannabis. One-hitters are typically made of either glass or metal or a combination of both, although you can also find onesies made from other materials, like wood, stone or porcelain. While technologists and artisans alike have advanced the science and art of designing implements for intaking cannabis to staggering new heights, from multi-chamber water pipes to portable vaporizers, there are still many benefits to using one of these tried and true, old school one-hitters.

Looking not that much different from a standard tobacco cigarette, a one hitter fits easily in your pocket or purse while you travel and discreetly in your hand while you smoke. There are even one-hitters made to look just like regular cigarettes. But even if that isn’t your style, it’s still fairly easy to camouflage your smoking activity with a one hitter.

Many people are making the switch to vaporizers nowadays, now that manufacturers have come up with portable vaporizers that are as discreet as one-hitters. The problem many cannabis users find with vaporizers, however, is that they are battery operated. If the battery dies and you’re not carrying a replacement, then you can’t intake your cannabis. With one-hitters, on the other hand, only matches or a lighter is required. If you run out of matches or fuel in your lighter, it’s much easier to find a place to purchase new matches, a lighter or fuel for your refillable lighter.

One hitters are also inexpensive enough that you can own many and break out different ones for different moods and situations. With the variety of colors, styles and designs of one-hitters, you could make your cannabis-smoking implement part of your overall fashion. Match your one-hitter with your outfit for the night. And if, heaven forbid, you break it or lose it while you’re out, they’re inexpensive enough that you can easily replace it. You can’t say the same thing for a vaporizer.

For medical cannabis patients who don’t find vaporizers practical or effective, for one reason or another, a one hitter is a great alternative for regulating dosages. The bowls in these pipes are designed to hold just enough cannabis for one solid hit. A patient can easily regulate their dose this way, and if a bit more medicine is needed in any given moment, another equivalent dose can be accurately measured and taken without concern for intaking too much.

By using one-hitters to smoke your cannabis, you can take your cannabis with you when you leave home and use it discreetly and unobtrusively as needed. If, on the other hand, discretion isn’t your concern, you can make your cannabis use part of your fashion sense with the sheer variety of one-hitters available. If you use cannabis medically, then one-hitters help you to more confidently control your dosage. Whatever your personality or reasons for using cannabis, one-hitters are among the most affordable ways to do so.