Make cooking more fun and oil free with help of air fryers

These days, a huge variety of kitchen appliances are available in the market that can make cooking more fun and easy. One of them is air fryers and is gaining wide popularity due to their easy to use features and control. It is a type of machine in which hot air circulates in and around the food in order to cook it. It consists of a mechanical fan that helps in circulation of air due to which food is cooked at high speed forming a crispy layer via Millard effect. You can cook a number of dishes in air fryers such as potato chips, French fries, patties, chicken, fish and many more. Most importantly, if you are a diet conscious person then it can be your best friend as it uses very less oil for preparing food.

There are many brands dealing in air fryers and all of them have some uniqueness and specialty in their machines. Now days, many air fryers are coming up with timer knobs and time adjusting features that will make cooking more precise. Air fryers consist of a basket which is located at top of the drip tray. There are several air fryers which are termed to be the best air fryer machines; one of them is DeLonghi Multifry. They are very versatile and you can cook many things even cakes, pizzas and pies as well.

DeLonghi Multifry FH1363 air fryer

Basket air fryers

Basket air fryer is the most suitable type of air fryer and is in great demand. They are quite different in comparison to paddle air fryer. Basket air fryers consist of handle that makes food tossing much easier and efficient. They are best for coated and battered food such as home battered items like onion rings, roasted chicken, fish fry and many more. In fact, they have lesser moving parts in comparison to other air fryers due to which they have long span of time and work effectively.