Yes, that’s right a skin patch. Not a pill, no horrible tasting weight loss shakes, and no painful surgery, but a simple and easy to use weight loss skin patch called EZ SLIM.

          Dr Ray and his partners created EZ SLIM after spending years helping patients lose weight at their cosmetic clinics. After seeing overweight patients being treated with strange diets, medications with bad side effects, and costly surgery, the creators of the EZ SLIM patch decided to develop a skin patch that was not only affordable but made under the strictest quality control in the United States from all natural organic and vegan sources. Graduates of some of the most prestigious American medical universities, the medical providers worked with nutritionists and clinical researchers to develop a new DermiFlexpatch technology far superior to previous patch technologies. Unlike other antiquated weight loss patch systems manufactured from dubious foreign sources, the EZ SLIM weight loss patch is made from ingredients that are thoroughly inspected for their source and quality.

          For the past few years this new weight loss technology has only been available to patients who visited the clinics of these doctors, but now these medical providers are excited to release the EZ SLIM patch for slimming directly to the public!

          The mission for these doctors has been simple: create a safe, effective, and convenient all-natural solution for those struggling with their weight. With the rising rates of obesity, and diseases associated with being overweight, the founders of EZ SLIM have sought out to create a low cost, yet high quality, solution that’s easy to use and easy to follow.

          For those working hard to lose weight through a healthy diet and exercise, but find they reach a plateau, then EZ SLIM slimming patch is that extra boost they need to accelerate their fat loss. The release of EZ SLIM has met with great publicity these past few weeks and we expect to hear many great things in the years to come.