How to make exercise fun and enjoyable

Unless you’re a rare percent of the human population who finds exercise fun, you will probably struggle to find the motivation to put on your gym clothes and start getting active. But exercise doesn’t always have to be a chore, that’s why we have teamed up with Unique Physique to put together a simple guide on how to make exercise fun.

Buddy up

Exercise is always better with a friend! Not only do they motivate you to get out of bed early that morning or offer you some healthy competition, they also provide you with a familiar face you know you can laugh and joke with throughout.

Reward yourself

You’ve worked hard and finally reached one of your milestones or goals, now it’s time to reward yourself. Why not put money in a jar every time you work out? Each month you can use this money to treat yourself to either a new pair of gym joggers or even a nice meal out!

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Trick yourself into exercise

Not every exercise needs to be done in the gym or running up down the pavements. You can burn calories doing simple tasks such a shopping or housework. Although this isn’t an alternative option to hitting the gym, it is better than sitting around and having a lazy day.

Make a playlist

Download your favourite anthems and compile them all on your ultimate gym playlist. If you find it difficult to find songs that motivate you, there is plenty of ready-made playlists out there created with the sole purpose of getting you ready to workout.

Download an App

There are endless amounts of fitness apps out there, that are designed to keep you on track. Not only will these apps help you track what you eat and how much you drink, but they also let you keep track of the number of steps and exercise.

Play Games

Who’s to say exercise can’t be fun? Say bye to the traditional treadmill and weights by picking up an interactive sports game or join a local sports team. This is a great way to have fun and exercise alone or with your friends.