How to Deal With Cravings

Whether you are dealing with drug addiction, gambling, bad love or cigarettes, the cravings are the same. When you try to give up your addiction, you will have cravings during the withdrawal stages and beyond. Your brain will retain little tidbits and memories of the “reward” it thought it received when you were doing devastating things to your body, and you will be tempted to delve into it again. The following are some tips that you can use to deal with the cravings in all of their intensities:

Take a Deep Breath

When you’re dealing with a beast such as addiction, it may seem silly to suggest something as primitive is taking a deep breath. However, while you are focusing on making each breath slow and fulfilling, you can’t possibly be thinking about your addiction. You see, only so many things can run through your mind at the same time. You can use a countdown as an alternative way of forgetting about your craving. You’ll be surprised at how well it works for you.

Fill Your Mind with Positivity

This tip uses the same concept as the first, but it’s probably more effective. If you fill your mind up with positive elements, your brain will store them in the front instead of shoving them to the “stock room” while your cravings remain on the front line. Your mind will then automatically grab at these positive elements when it goes idle instead of grabbing for drug-seeking activities or other destructive actions. Some positive elements that you can put inside of your mind are affirmations, inspirational quotes, biblical text, achievements and things like that. The key is to try to get your cravings to take a back seat to all other thoughts.

Consider a Drug Treatment Facility

A drug treatment facility like can offer you a comprehensive package of support services that can aid you through your recovery process. Rehabilitation centers are helpful because they allow you to detox, remove yourself from the environment, learn coping mechanisms for any psychological or emotional elements that may be involved and develop friendships that could very well last you for a lifetime. Support services continue long after you leave the facility. If you’re concerned about the cost, you can look into federal or state aid, health insurances or payment plans from the institution. You will be able to get the care you need some way.

Use Positive Substitution

Positive substitution can work if you have a naturally addictive personality. It’s just another approach that you can take to handling your cravings. The way it works is that you replace the addiction with something positive that you can become addicted to. Ideally, you’ll want to get the care that you need to eliminate the tendencies altogether, but if you can’t, then you can incorporate this strategy into your daily life. You could get into an exercise routine, join a chess club or start doing arts and crafts. All of those things are positive and will help your body, mind and spirit instead of destroying them

More ideas exist, but for now, you can think about the ones that have been presented to you here and consider them. Remember to stay strong and never give up on yourself.