All you need to know about nitric oxide and chest enhancing techniques

The rage among the bodybuilders for nitric oxide supplement is quite high. Nitric oxide is a colorless gas made by our body. It is formed by oxidation of nitrogen in our body. The main role of nitric oxide is to communicate a message to cells and regulate the flow of blood in a body. It is an important element in a human body that helps in optimum functioning of liver, stomach, kidney and heart. Nitric oxide for working out is used to increase the exercise doing efficiency of the body. The supplement is used to foster the production of NO in your body. It dilates arteries and causes more flow of oxygen in blood vessels. Because of aggressive workout in a gymnasium, your body requires more supply of oxygen and this supplement helps to provide more oxygen. It also doesn’t allow the body to produce lactic acid that is the reason for sprain and pain in the body. You also take natural food products to enhance the production this gas in your body. Foods such as walnut, oranges, watermelon, pomegranate etc help the body in producing this gas.

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Increase your chest following simple exercise regime

For beginners pushups and bench press are standard exercises for building up chest muscles. To get an advance benefit and faster result, follow the below-mentioned chest exercises weights enhancing techniques:

  1. The dumbbell squeeze press: Lie on the ground and lift the dumbbell and stretch your hands with full capacity. Now slowly bring the dumbbell down just below you’re your chest and hold it there for few seconds. Continue this exercise certain number of times.
  2. One arm pushups: place the hand in the ground just between the chests. Take position of the body like in normal pushup. Now keep your back straight and do pushups using your single hand.