Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare

Workers in nursing homes, hospitals, and all other healthcare facilities are always prone to workplace violence. There are millions of factors that heighten this risk. The main factor that contributes to this risk is working directly with individuals who work under the influence of drugs or perhaps have a past record of violence.

Incidents of workplace violence, on average, is greater in health care as compared to private industry. What can be done to prevent this rampant vice? Below are a collection of comprehensive guidelines to assist you to implement and build a comprehensive workplace violence program within your specific healthcare facility:

1.Work Closely with those with a past record of violence. This may include gang members, alcoholics or drug addicts and relatives of clients or patients. This will engage them socially and prevent them from repeating their past mistakes.
2.Effective leadership and management go a long way in preventing workplace violence in healthcare. It starts by being keen on the fact that workplace violence is a health and safety hazard. It should also provide employees and workers with the necessary resources and motivation to deal with preventing workplace violence in healthcare effectively.
3.Analyze the work site. This will give room to identify potential or existing hazards, operations, situations and conditions that may, later on, lead to workplace violence. This should be performed by a team of basically the management, workers and supervisors.
4.Analyze the job hazards. This is an assessment that mainly focuses on specific job tasks to identify hazards. An essential part of the analysis is mainly worker participation.